Tulsi Shakti

  • #TulsiShakti is an initiative by India Positive Citizen.
  • Our vision is for every Indian home to have a Tulsi plant contributing to the wellness of every family member.


Tulsi enabled wellness in every Indian home by inspiring and empowering a people driven movement.

In the era of pandemic and air pollution – enhanced immunity is our best defense against infections. Tulsi is a low cost, widely available, easy to grow herb which offers a solution for a range of conditions – from strengthening the respiratory system to moderating blood sugar to improving eye health, dental health and many more benefits.

India is the only country where the power of Tulsi was recognized thousands of years ago. Let us tap into our ancient wisdom and be part of a unique health revolution.

  • First of it’s kind pan India..in fact global project. We have reached out to Indians overseas to join the #TulsiShakti movement. Indians in Middle East , South America have joined in.
  • Tulsi for individual and public health.
  • Tulsi as a means of social good – inform, empower people with knowledge on how they can improve their health with Tulsi, gift Tulsi to those who can’t afford it. E.g We are now inviting citizens across India to empower the security guards in their office and residence building with the information on the healing power of Tulsi and to gift them saplings. Every building doing this will help bring increased health to the security guards and their family.
  • I have initiated this in my office building. Our security team is very happy about it . They feel empowered that they can take better care of themselves and their family.
  • Tulsi offers healing for many health conditions. If one had to take supplements for each one then probably one would need 10-12 tablets. Here a few leaves daily make it possible. Just add 2-3 leaves into your water bottle or chai.
  • Besides health benefits Tulsi plants raise the positive energy of a space. Hence, having multiple plants at home will bring positive vibrations. It is psychologically and spiritually healing.
  • Boosting immunity through Tulsi is eco friendly. Locally available, natural, easy to grow. No plastic packaging or chemicals involved. No fossil fuels needed to transport it long distance. Lesser waste into landfill.
  • Increased immunity means lesser illness. Lesser expenditure on medical treatment, fewer missed days at work. A healthy individual means a healthier family and community.
  • People buying Tulsi plants will give a boost to the green economy. Which is often an ignored sector. The average cost of a sapling is Rs 100. If 10 crore people buy one Tulsi sapling it means an overall business of Rs 1000 crores into eco friendly business. A healing #TulsiEconomy.
  • We are giving posters on benefits of Tulsi to plant sellers / nurseries so that they can showcase it at their stall to raise awareness among their customers. This is a first of it’s kind approach.
  • Once a person/ family experiences the healing benefits of Tulsi they will be inclined to explore other herbs and natural , Ayurvedic approach to wellness. Connecting with nature and our ancient wisdom will heal us individually and collectively at many levels.

Inviting all to join the #TulsiShakti movement. Spread the word, make a difference.







Team https://tulsishakti.com/about-us/

#TulsiShakti 🌿


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