Janaka and Ashtavakra : A Journey Beyond

With an array of mythology and unknown episodes from Ramayana, comes Janaka and Ashtavakra : A Journey Beyond. This is the story of Janaka maneuvering through war, with the help of sharp intellect and unwavering gallantness. This is also a story that casts itself across the social strata, to portray the fabric of relationships in a very tattered and revealing manner. It is a book that isn’t directed, isn’t sharpened—rather appears to come to us like a web of conversations and events, imbibing an all-round inclusion of the storytelling spirit and essence of spirituality.

In the limitless ocean of Myself The winds of the mind Roil the myriad waves of the world.

Ashtavakra, with his deformed body yet intellectual mind teaches Janaka the essence of spiritual realm leading him into the new world of reality where illusions are questioned and answers are hidden in one’s own frame of reference.

Ashraf Karayath has philosophized Janaka’s story in such a bright and exuberant way, that it ceases to be just a story. It evolves and transcends to represent the germination and thrive of certain ideologies, figments of emotions, and some very distinct trails of thought that question some of the very basic foundations of how we perceive and analyse.

The quality of empathy coats Ashraf’s book with a glaze of soothe and calm. The text, while reading, makes you visualize the interplay of events unfolding before your eyes. You see it all: war clouds, calamity, liberation, enlightenment and realities of life.

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