The Kings Quest For Liberation

“A Journey Beyond: The King’s quest for liberation” is a novel that tells the story of an ancient Indian king-of his turbulent life, of impending war in his kingdom, and of treachery and intrigue within the secretive world of his palace. Although dramatic, the work is an allegorical tale meant to appeal to modern people caught up in and torn by the difficulties of their lives.

One day, King Janaka of Mithila dreams that he has lost his kingdom and become a beggar. Awakened, he realizes that his power and luxuries are ephemeral, and there’s

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much beyond one’s mundane life, and thus his spiritual quest begins. And it couldn’t happen at a worse time. His daughter Sita must be married soon, but the sages say her suitor must first string a mythical bow. Kings and princes try and fail, and decide the contest is a trick. As the game of skepticism, doubt,  treachery unfolds within the palace, news come that enemy king from the neighboring kingdom march towards Miithila, and people around the king are shocked to see his indifference; he spends his valuable time with sages including Ashtavakra, seeking wisdom. When the whole world believes an calamity is imminent, the king upholds his conviction and deep-rooted faith that there’s a connection between what is inside and outside a person. Hence he goes deep within himself, unraveling a new world – and eventually a new reality unfolds for the kingdom and the palace.This book is allegorically written, with strong messages and insights, for the modern reader who is caught in the rat race, who has forgot the meaning and charm of life. Although the story is set a few thousand years ago in India, it throws light on the modern reader’s questions about existence, and one can easily relate himself to the king and his struggles.

Based on the grand Ramayana epic of our vibrant storytelling tradition, my novel renews and deepens beloved characters for modern readers. The title of the book, A Journey Beyond, derives from king’s search for self-realization: for enlightenment that comes in a flash of second, in the blink of an eye.


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