Bhavya Jain

How would you describe your literary endeavour in a nutshell?

Honestly, I can say that my boat is moving through the waters. I never thought to jump into this industry but yes my love for writing has opened the doors for me. I had been reading novels, characters, and many more but you see while you read a novel and you flip the page, you find the character is now in another plot. While I, when started writing for books, I use to flip the page and feel the voice of another whole writer. So, you see, where the industry is prominent in terms of novels, I started working for anthologies which are not known that much, especially in Indian reader’s mind. So, I always wanted along with me, I can join as many voices I can, which readers should know about.

Your writing is an inspiration. Where did you get the idea of writing such beautiful poetry instead of full- length novel?

For writing this anthology, I would say rather than being inspired, it was an urge of my readers who wanted to read, just my work, and I decided to promote anthologies more. So the question was how to bring both things together. So, one fine day I was just scrolling my Instagram feed and I saw some really beautiful mandala artwork. So while my eyes were glued with every fine work, my mind was jingling with words and from there I got this idea to bring mandala artwork and my poetries together. And so, Mandala Poesy came into existence and am glad that it received a national record too.

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