Ashraf Karayath was born in Nadapuram, a village in Kerala, India. After finishing his education in the early 90’s, he migrated to Dubai—a dream city for most people of his time.  Ashraf’s formal education includes Master of Arts in English literature from Farooq College, Calicut University.

He has 25 years of extensive business experience coupled with a background in Management Philosophy. He handled various professional and business roles in multiple areas such as fast food, business consulting and M&A, and software. He was also responsible for launching cloud computing solution for reputed international brands in the Middle East.  And he has been evangelizing this new technology platform and its innovative business model for many years ever since its infancy.

He found life very enthusiastic as it was always a journey of new experiences, moving from one place to the other, giving him new insights and learning at every stage. Even in the midst of constant pre-occupations of business, he found time to read various books in different genres such as philosophy, spirituality, management, leadership and English literature.

He was an active member of various associations in Dubai, including Toastmasters during its initial stages. He had chances to speak to various audiences for many occasions and he inspired them with his insightful speeches. He frequently spoke about how to take control of one’s own life in tough situations, showing people their undiscovered potential. This is where he realized his passion, and perhaps, mission in life: to empower others with the right knowledge and help them to own the game they most want to win in life.

He then developed a keen interest in the subjects of Principle-centered Leadership and Spirituality. This sparked an exploration of the timeless knowledge of ancient Indian culture, bringing forth his passion for writing. And therefore, A Journey Beyond came to light.